Saturday, December 29, 2012

Straight guy...

Meet Straight guy @Str8guygaypic whom I've just started following today on Twitter. What a naughty naughty boy. Showing off his big dick on twitter and talking durty to everyone. It was quite a turn-on actually for someone to be so bold and unafraid.

So he reckons he has a girlfriend but he likes it when gay guys wank over his pic. I wished I wanked over his pic.

I have a feeling I'm going to have a serious virtual relationship with this guy in the coming months...*woof*

Oh, and here's a screencap of his tweet to me. (gosh I feel special. *rosy cheeks*)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I heart Hugh Sheridan...

What a good bloke (and super hot) Hugh Sheridan is. He tries and reply to all the tweets his fans make. If only he knew our 6 degrees of separation as I know and used to work with his beautiful sister at the airport. But his sister didn't know I had a secret crush on his brother.hahaha I just let her talk about him and I'd gush like a little gurl.

Anyways, I follow him on Twitter and aw at the pics he posts, especially the shirtless pic he posted about the new play he was doing. I wish the play came to Sydney.

I well wished him and his family for the Festive Holidays and he tweeted back (a few days later but who cares.) What a great bloke. If only I was his gurlfriend...whatevs.

The Masseur...

He said his name was Mike at the end of our session. And he made me cum all over my briefs. Nice.

It was totally unexpected but it was something I wish that would happen on the back of my mind. My back has been sore for about a month now and I've been meaning to use up my medical cover with Bupa before the year ended. I went to see a Chyro and then as a year end bonus, I thought I'd also get a massage.

I went in the Chinese massage place at the bottom of the mall on Level 1 at Blacktowns Westpoint, accross Woolies. I had accupunture done there earler in the year and the Chinese guy had huge hands and he massaged me a bit. That's what I like, the huge strong hands that would take away all the knots and pain in my body.

I requested for a male masseur and they happily obliged. I was happy when the gave me Mike because he was a little cute and tubby and wore glasses. Plus when he whispers in my ear, it's soft and I liked that.

My first shock was when he asked me to take all my clothes off, which wasn't really a shock, but still. Since it was a small massage place, I thought they were a little more discreet and left the clothes on. But that would totally be uncomfortable.

His first whisper came with his strong Chinese accent which I found cute. He softly whisphered in my ear, "Is the pressure okay?" I nodded.

Then he politely handed me some tissues in the end. I was somewhat embarrassed but also wondered how many times he's done this before.

Happy ending? I guess so...somehow.

I know I've already thought of coming back to him again.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OUT Magazine August 2012

About the Cover: If I was a lesbian, I'd probably appreciate this cover of Chloe Sevigny. But I'm not. If I was American, I'd probably know (of) Chloe Sevigny. But I'm not. *double ba-bump to OUT Mag this issue* I do like the concept of an issue of a gay mag focusing on gay athletes (to celebrate the Olympics) and getting them a bit more publicity and to educate us gays further about the great people that represents us. Methinks this is when OUT Magazine should've stepped up and created two covers. One for the gay male and one for our proud sisters.

What did I like about this issue? 
* It's thinness. Oh wait. This is normal.  It again means I can read this mag within minutes.hahaha
* Good job Aaron (Mr Editor). You actually caught my attention this time. Touching moment there about Jesse Owens. And Yes, though I'm not American, it is nice to know that a a black American President would proudly shake a gay athletes hand. And no, I haven't met fellow Australian Mathew Mitcham, but a friend has. And YES! More to gay atheletes!!!

Any hot guys? 

Most Interesting:

Pages I skipped:

What I learnt:

What this mag could do more of: Hot guys.
More later...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Skyfall and Daniel Craig...

Just watched Skyfall. And with Daniel Craig in the movie, the sky might as well fall as he swoons us all to damnation with his hawtness. He's old(er) yet so so hawt!!! Most of the movie my eyes just kept veering to his crotch and his awesome suits. Seriously? No one can run like that in a suit and Italian leather shoes and make it look so sexy. I want to run like Daniel Craig in this movie.

Now I thought this movie wasn't as hawt as the other one he did especially when he came out of the water, but heck, it's Daniel Craig man!!!

And I loved the gay innuendos in this movie. Go Bardem. Could I touch Daniel's legs too???

And now for your prize for reading this:

Friday, November 30, 2012

OUT Mag April 12

Cover: Yawn. Not really a big fan of such big fashion labels especially Gaultier And it's been a while since OUT produced a HOT Cover. It's no Attitude Mag from the UK.

What did I like about this issue? It's thinness. It means I can read this mag within minutes.hahaha

Any hot guys? I thought the Calvin Klein ad would do it for me. It didn't.

Most Interesting: Gil Anderson's lesbian could have been life.

Pages I skipped: The drinks part.

What I learnt: Gil Anderson? Scully? Lesbian? Wow.

What this mag could do more of: Hot guys. More of them stories like the Freddy Krueger dude.

More later...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I cummed and ejaculated...

I dunno if I broke the rule??? If I broke my pact with God not to masturbate for a year as a sacrifice to get my sister's brain tumor healed???

Of course I allowed myself a little break to watch as much porn as I wanted, except on Holy Days. In fact I was even allowing myself 'wet dreams' as I had no control of my what ever I dreamt.

And yet it still happened? Yes, I ejaculated. I cummed. Without touching myself.

Ok yes, I watching a lot of porn that night, but that's just it. I wasn't moving or rubbing anything. Just sitting, engaged in whatever I was watching. What it felt like was just a really really full cock, my cock, super full of cum, and then it all just flowed out. Aaahhhh.

I must admit, it was a relief. I read somewhere that medically it's very healthy to have sex (though this wasn't really my case) and ejaculate. I needed this somehow. Oh FUCK yeah...I've been sober for 10 months (not including my wet dream a couple of months back).

But was this a sin? Did I break the pact?